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Revolutionizes participatory consultation

  • Debates
  • Consultations
  • Call for ideas/projects
  • Participative budgets
  • Internal elections
  • Public/private investigations


Human organizations are full of little-used human and collaborative potential. We have therefore created the reference tool to solicit them in order to help leaders make the most relevant and applicable decisions. Without compromise.

  • Designed, operated and hosted in Switzerland.
  • Powered at 99.9% by the hydro-electricity of our mountains. (0.1% solar)
  • Turnkey. Nothing to install.
  • Simple and pleasant to use.
  • No exploitation or commercialization of your data.
  • Zero hidden costs.


Do you want to implement a project and conduct a transparent consultation beforehand? Great idea, because projects with a high degree of consensus are more effective and easier to implement.


You are looking for concrete suggestions to improve your ideas and projects. What could be more obvious than using collective intelligence?


It can be difficult to develop decisions together. Make better decisions, even if many players are involved!

A solution adapted to your needs.

We help Leaders make the most relevant and applicable decisions.
INILAB is available for all types of organizations and specific versions exist:

  • INILAB City
  • The turnkey platform to consult your citizens
  • INILAB Business
  • Unleash the human potential of your employees, customers and partners
  • INILAB Politic
  • Energize your political party.
  • INILAB Education
  • Run a university where it is good to live and work.
  • INILAB Candidat
  • Your turnkey interactive campaign site.

Simplify your life

We make the consultative process simple and exciting.

  • Training
  • We can train you on the techniques and challenges of collaborative consulting.
  • Accompagnement
  • We can accompany you in the setting up and animation of your consultations.
  • Développement
  • We can develop one or more functionalities specific to your needs.

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